With a wide array of approved Judaic Studies courses offered during the Fall and Winter terms of each academic year, students enjoy diverse options as they progress through their studies. Students can also sample additional courses from visiting faculty and may transfer course work from other colleges or universities in Israel or elsewhere. Frankel Center advisors assist students in determining the program of study tailored to individual interests. Due to ongoing curriculum development, the course numbers and titles are subject to change at any time.

Sample Graduate Courses (arranged by concentration)

Jewish Literature and Culture

ENGLISH 553 20th Century American Literature
"Jewish American Literature"
3 Credits
ENGLISH 649 Topics in Contemporary Literature
"Literature of the Holocaust"
3 Credits
HJCS 543 The Bible in Jewish Tradition 3 Credits
HJCS 545 Medieval Jewish Literature 3 Credits
HJCS 571 Israeli Literature 3 Credits
JUDAIC 401 Readings in Yiddish Texts 3 Credits
JUDAIC 481 Jewish Modernism in Eastern & Central Europe 3 Credits

Jewish History and Social Science

HJCS 401 Hebrew of the Communications Media 3 Credits
JUDAIC 480 Religion, Ethnicity, and Politics: The Jewish Case 3 Credits
JUDAIC 591 Advanced Reading in Jewish History and Literature 1–4 Credits
JUDAIC 628 Studies in Jewish History 3 Credits
JUDAIC 652 Jewish Political Thought and Experience 3 Credits

Classical & Modern Judaism

HJCS 478 Jewish Mysticism 3 Credits
HJCS 591 Topics in Hebrew and Jewish Cultural Studies 3 Credits
JUDAIC 478 Modern Jewish Thought 3 Credits
JUDAIC 517 Topics in Judaic Studies
“Thinking Law in Ancient Cultures and Religions”
3 Credits

Students will not necessarily concentrate in a specific module. As long as they take a class from each of the three categories, they may choose any of the other courses offered.