St. Edmund, King, Martyr and Virgin: Images of a Medieval Saint

Author(s): Anthony Bale

St. Edmundm King, Martyr and Virgin


St Edmund, king and martyr, supposedly killed by Danes (or `Vikings') in 869, was one of the pre-eminent saints of the middle ages; his cult was favoured and patronised by several English kings and spawned a rich arrage of visual, literary, musical and political artefacts. Celebrated throughout England, especially at the abbey of Bury St Edmunds, it also inspired separate cults in France, Iceland and Italy. The essays in this collection offer a range of readings from a variety of disciplines - literature, history, music, art history - and of sources - chronicles, poems, theological material - providing an overview of the multi-faceted nature of St Edmund's cult, from the ninth century to the early modern period.

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Publisher: York Medieval Press

Year of Publication: 2009

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Institute Theme Year: 2008-2009