2014–15 Theme: Jews and Empires
Affiliation & Project Titles

  • Mira Balberg
    Northwestern University    
    “Blood for Thought: The Rabbinic Reinvention of Sacrifice in Its Roman and Early Christian Context”
  • Eitan Bar-Yosef
    Ben-Gurion University     
    “Zionism, the British Empire, and the Making of Israeli Identity: Mimicry, Resistance, and Nostalgia”
  • Joshua Cole
    University of Michigan
    “A Riot in France: Violence and Colonial Reform in Algeria, 1919-1940”
  • Sara Feldman
    University of Michigan         
    “People of the Russian Book: Translating Pushkin into Jewish Languages”
  • Zvi Gitelman (Winter Term)
    University of Michigan
    “Under and After Empire: Jewish Public Life After Communism”
  • Reuven Kiperwasser (Winter Term)
    Open University of Israel  
    “Rabbis Between Two Empires”
  • Gil Klein
    Loyola Marymount University         
    “The Roman Architecture of Empire and the Establishment of Rabbinic Space”
  • Mikhail Krutikov (Head Fellow)
    University of Michigan       
    “Spaces of Memory: Imagining a Soviet Past in Post-Soviet Russian Jewish Writing”
  • Devi Mays (Fall Term)
    University of Michigan
    “Reorienting Imperial Jews: Constantinople at the Crossroads of Jewish Identities”
  • Alexei Sivertsev
    DePaul University
    “Jews and the Roman Imperial Culture in Late Antiquity”
  • Claude Stuczyniski (Short Term)
    Bar-Ilan University           
    “Iberian Conversos: Victims, Agents, and Thinkers of Empire”
  • Jindrich Toman
    University of Michigan     
    “Bohemia’s Jews and Their Decentered Empire”
  • Jeffrey Veidlinger
    University of Michigan      
    “Border Jew: Between Empires”
  • Deborah Yalen (Fall Term)
    Colorado State University
    “Forging the Anti-Imperial Empire: Jews, Ethnographic Science, and the Soviet Family of Nations”