2013–14 Theme: Gender
Affiliation & Project Titles

  • Christine Achinger
    University of Warwick       
    Constellations of Alterity: Conceptions of Femininity and Jewishness in Modern German and Austrian Culture
  • Benjamin Baader
    University of Manitoba         
    Creating Self and Creating Community: Gender, Class, and Jewish Difference in German Jewish Family Letters and Diaries, 1813-1871
  • Rivka Bliboim
    Hebrew University (Fall Semester)
    Language and Gender: The Case of the "Frecha"
  • Susan Dessel
    Independent Artist (Fall Semester)         
    Words Heard in a Black Maria
  • Verena Kasper-Marienberg
    University of Graz
    Seeking Imperial Justice: Accounts of Conflict in the 18th Century Frankfurt Judengasse
  • Dorothy Kim
    Vassar College  
    Medieval Women and English Exoticism
  • Rachel  Kranson
    University of Pittsburgh         
    Jewish Voices, Women's Choices: Jewish Involvement in American Abortion Debates, 1967-2000
  • Marjorie Lehman
    Jewish Theological Seminary (Winter Semester)       
    The Gendered Rhetoric of Tractate Yoma
  • Evyatar Marienberg
    University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Winter Semester)
    How Should Jews Do it? The (Hi)story of Traditional Jewish Sex Instruction
  • Anita Norich
    University of Michigan
    Kadya Molodovsky: Fact and Fiction
  • Shachar Pinsker
    University of Michigan           
    Urban Cafes, Gender and Modern Jewish Culture
  • Max Strassfeld
    Stanford University     
    Classically Queer: Eunuchs and Androgynes in Rabbinic Literature
  • Beth S. Wenger
    University of Pennsylvania      
    Making American Jewish Men