The approximately 800 volumes reflect the interests of their owners. They are primarily from the field of Judaica, Yiddish literature, folklore, music, cookery, photography, art, linguistics, history, and the Bible. They include books inscribed to Bina, Uriel or Max Weinreich by Yiddish writers Avrom Sutskever, Chaim Grade, Itsik Manger, and H. Leyvik. There is an extensive collection of Jewish and general folklore, including hard-to-find Yiddish publications, a variety of Yiddish children’s books, and Passover hagadot. There are also several editions of College Yiddish, including the first edition inscribed by Uriel Weinreich to his wife, Bina.

Rare items are housed at the Special Collections Library and at the Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive at the William L. Clements Library.

Among the private papers were found Yiddish artwork and personal correspondence among members of the entire Weinreich family. (Read Uriel Weinreich's letter to Max Weinreich from Ann Arbor, 1955, in Yiddish and English.)

Some unique items are books inscribed by:

  • Manger, Medresh Itsik, to Max Weinreich
  • Manger, Lid un balade
  • Leivick, A blat af an eplboym, to Max Weinreich
  • Chaim Grade, Der mentsh fun fayer, to Regina and Max Weinreich
  • Sutskever, Oasis, to Uriel Weinreich
  • Dan Miron, Der imazh fun shtetl, to Bina Weinreich