The highlights of the audio materials are the voice recordings of the Weinreich family.

Uriel and Bina Weinreich spent the 1959–1960 academic year in Israel. In addition to the almost daily written letters exchanged between them and Max and Regina Weinreich, they also sent each other some “reyd-briv,” tape-recorded correspondence. In the days before internet and voice communication, when long-distance phone calls cost a small fortune, people often turned to tape recorders to hear a loved one’s voice, and so did the Weinreichs. In Jerusalem, Bina and Uriel recorded “interviews” with their young children in Yiddish and in Hebrew about their daily lives. In return, Max Weinreich sent a recording of his own narration of the children’s favorite Yiddish folktale, Bebele. Digitized copies of the recordings are available for researchers at Special Collections. (Some of them will be featured on this website in the near future.) A much later recording features Bina Weinreich’s talk Girls and Women in Yiddish Folktales: from the Rebellious to the Goody-Two-Shoes, given at the Women and Yiddish Conference in 1995.