Building Your Skills Outside the Classroom

Employers seek out individuals who can demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills, teamwork and interpersonal skills, initiative, and a strong work ethic. Student organizations and campus employment offer valuable opportunities to add to the skills you are developing in your classes. Most concentrations sponsor specific student groups like an undergraduate organization or an honor society. Other options include off-campus employment or volunteering in the community. Finally, a summer internship may be the best way of all to test out a career field and develop marketable skills.

From Skills To Career

Judaic Studies concentrators develop both general and specific skills applicable to a wide range of careers. For example, cross-cultural communication skills may be equally useful whether working as a foreign service officer, a consultant, or a freelance journalist.

Many concentrators go on to graduate or professional school; the list below is a sample of careers undertaken by Judaic Studies graduates from the U-M and other colleges.

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Interpersonal / Cross-cultural skills

  • Immigration officer
  • Student exchange program coordinator
  • Public relations specialist
  • Corporate travel planner
  • Consultant, cross-cultural relations
  • Foreign service officer
  • Social services assistant
  • Physician*
  • Psychologist /Psychiatrist*

* = Further Study Required

Language Skills

  • Interpreter
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Language teacher
  • Manager, private language school*
  • Jewish communal professional
  • Special collections librarian*

* = Further Study Required

Research-Analytical-Project skills

  • Lawyer*
  • Special events coordinator
  • Museum /Gallery curator*
  • Market researcher
  • Research assistant
  • State Legislative Committee Staff person
  • Director of development
  • Arts Center director

* = Further Study Required

Communication Skills

  • Editor
  • College instructor
  • Foreign affairs journalist
  • Corporate communications director*
  • Import /Export trade negotiator
  • Lobbyist
  • Social services assistant

* = Further Study Required