Judaic Studies Minor

An academic minor in Judaic Studies introduces students to Jewish civilization through thematic and textual approaches. Broadly, topic areas include Jewish religious practices, language cultures (especially Hebrew and Yiddish), and the socio-political realities associated with living among non-Jews as a minority both dispersed and concentrated. The 15 credits required for a minor in Judaic Studies are tailored to complement and enrich the programs of students who come from a widespread range of disciplines.

Judaic Studies Minor Requirements

  • 15 credit hours
  • At least 3 of the courses counting toward the academic minor must be taken at the U-M Ann Arbor campus
  • Judaic Studies 205 (What is Judaism)
  • 2 courses from the three categories below.

Judaic Studies Curriculum Areas of Study

Two additional course electives are required from among those listed in the Judaic Studies Concentration, which can include Hebrew or Yiddish language at the 200-level.

An academic minor in Judaic Studies is not open to students with a concentration in Judaic Studies or in Hebrew and Jewish Cultural Studies (HJCS) from the Department of Near Eastern Studies.


Yiddish Studies Minor

The University of Michigan is a hub of experts in Yiddish studies. The minor is a unique opportunity for students to focus on the study of the Yiddish language and explore its culture from perspectives of various disciplines (English, History, American Culture, Political Science, Comparative Literature, German and Slavic Studies).

Students of Yiddish gain access to entire worlds of Jewish culture that are otherwise obscure, from folk songs and memoirs to literary criticism, mystical literature, and historiography. Not having its own nation-state borders, Yiddish has been traveling in the mouths of Ashkenazi Jews within and beyond Europe, to the Americas, Israel, Australia, and South Africa. Yiddish was marginalized as a Jewish language in favor of Hebrew, abandoned as a daily language in favor of local state languages like English, Russian, and Polish, and devastated by the Nazi and Stalinist regimes. And yet the vibrancy of Yiddish culture and literature continues to reverberate throughout the world.

Yiddish Studies Minor Prerequisites

  • 2nd term Yiddish or the equivalent  (Yiddish 102)

Yiddish Studies Minor Requirements

  • 15 Credits
  • At least three (3) of the courses must be taken at the U-M Ann Arbor campus
  • 4th Term Yiddish (Yiddish 202 or equivalent)
  • 9 additional credits from approved courses; 3 credits must be at the 300 level or above.