An academic minor in Judaic Studies introduces students to Jewish civilization through thematic and textual approaches. Broadly, topic areas include Jewish religious practices, language cultures (especially Hebrew and Yiddish), and the socio-political realities associated with living among non-Jews as a minority both dispersed and concentrated. The 15 credits required for a minor in Judaic Studies are tailored to complement and enrich the programs of students who come from a widespread range of disciplines.

The Judaic Studies minor requires the completion of 15 credit hours. There are no prerequisites. At least 3 of the courses counting toward the academic minor must be taken at the U-M Ann Arbor campus. Requirements include Judaic Studies 205 (Introduction to Jewish Civilizations and Cultures); and 2 courses from the three categories below.

Judaic Studies Curriculum Areas of Study

Two additional course electives are required from among those listed in the Judaic Studies Concentration, which can include Hebrew or Yiddish language at the 200-level.

An academic minor in Judaic Studies is not open to students with a concentration in Judaic Studies or in Hebrew and Jewish Cultural Studies (HJCS) from the Department of Near Eastern Studies.