Richard Redding

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Richard Redding

Associate Research Scientist

Office Location(s): Kelsey Museum
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    Richard Redding, Associate Research Scientist at the Kelsey Museum, is a principal investigator on archaeological projects in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He is also Chief Operating Officer and Chief Research Officer of the Ancient Egyptian Research Associates.

    He received his bachelors, masters, and bi-departmental PhD (in anthropological archaeology and biological sciences) at the University of Michigan. He also has extensive experience in geology and survey/mapping. In addition to the University of Michigan, he has taught at Hamilton College, Wellesley College, and Oakland University.  In addition, he was Director of Science at Cranbrook Institute of Science (1986-1991).

    His investigations, excavations, and surveys focus on the origin of food production and the evolution of complex societies. He has excavated in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Armenia, Georgia, China, Israel, Mexico, Wyoming, and Michigan. Recent teaching has focused on complexity theory in archaeology, pastoralism, and archaeozoology, which is his specialty.

    He publishes articles and reviews annually. A recent manuscript is titled “The Pig and the Chicken: The Introduction of the Chicken in the Middle East and Its Relation to the Evolution of the Human Prohibition on Pig Consumption.” Other recent articles cover results of his work at the Pyramids at Giza and the Giza Mapping Project, as well as work in Iran, Turkey, China, Greece, and Anatolia. 

    He first worked in Egypt in 1981 in the Fayyum Depression. He has also worked in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, Luxor, the Nile Delta, and Giza. He was codirector in the 1980s at the Old Kingdom site of Kom el-Hisn, a village in the Nile Delta. Since 1989, he has been involved in excavations at the Lost City of the Pyramid Builders. He recently appeared in the video “Riddles of the Sphinx” by Gary Glassman.