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David Stone2

Associate Research Scientist

Kelsey Museum

Office Location(s): Kelsey Museum
Phone: 734.277.0957
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    David L. Stone studies the history and archaeology of the Roman provinces of North Africa. Using new data he has collected, as well as evidence brought together from previous scholarship, he has explored the landscapes in which ancient North Africans lived, worked, worshipped, and commemorated their dead. He is the main author of Leptiminus (Lamta). Report no. 3, the Field Survey (2011) and Mortuary Landscapes of North Africa (2007).

    His fieldwork has included documenting and synthesizing evidence from Leptiminus, an important yet previously poorly known port city on the east coast of Tunisia, which was investigated by the University of Michigan from 1990 to 1999. Rather than simply presenting the data gathered at the site, the publication aimed to chronicle the “biography” of Leptiminus, demonstrating phases of expansion and decline over 1,200 years of Punic, Roman, Vandal, and Byzantine rule. The story of Leptiminus included a particularly interesting period from about 100 to 300 CE, during which investment in agriculture, fishing, shipping, and ceramic manufacture were all documented.

    His work at Leptiminus has given him ideas for investigating other cities with the aim of writing additional “urban biographies.” He will serve as Director of the Field Survey for the Olynthos Project, a collaborative venture of the University of Michigan, the University of Liverpool, and the Greek Archaeological Service beginning in 2014. He will be involved in publishing the field survey, geophysical survey, and millstones at Olynthos.

    As Digital Field Data Coordinator at the Kelsey Museum, he has recently been thinking about how to implement, from the very beginning of research, data collection and storage procedures that will best facilitate the study, publication, and long-term archiving of the Museum’s fieldwork projects.