Duderstadt Gallery: Section 10 - Churches

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The 4th-Century Floor Mosaic in the Church of St. Paul
The photograph above was taken in 2002 by Ünal Demirer, then Director of the Yalvaç Museum, during a campaign of cleaning and consolidating the 4th-century mosaic floor in nave of the Church of St. Paul. The photograph depicts a motif that is almost identical to the one on the mosaic fragment from that church, shown below. The floor mosaic is composed predominantly of abstract motifs, including meanders, lozenges, crosses, and other geometric patterns. Some vegetal motifs and a peacock are represented in the solea, the ritual passageway down the center of the eastern end of the nave. Some of the repeated motifs may have been thought to hold magical power to protect the church.



February 18, 2006
Digital Image
Courtesy of J. Matthew Harrington