Duderstadt Gallery: Section 11 - Virtual Antioch

The Basilica "of St. Paul" in the three-panel theater.

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This presentation of the city of Pisidian Antioch in virtual reality was prepared by J. Matthew Harrington, Adrian Ossi, and Benjamin Rubin working in collaboration with Dr. Klaus-Peter Beier and the staff of the UM 3-D Lab at the Digital Media Commons: Scott Hamm, Steffen Heise, Brett Lyons, Eric Maslowski, and Lars Schumann. Lydia Herring, Hima Mallampati, and Katharine Raff contributed their research data and consulted on the modeling of the architecture of the churches, theater, and Sanctuary of Mên Askaênos, respectively.
The ancient buildings of Pisidian Antioch have been robbed of much of their original building stone, making it difficult to envision the city in its imperial Roman and early Christian heyday. This reconstruction attempts to give viewers a more vivid impression of how the city may have looked in antiquity than can be gained by visiting the archaeological site today. Because much of Antioch is still buried, parts of this visualization are based on other cities of the Roman Empire that have been more fully excavated. The theater in which "Virtual Antioch" was shown was compsed of three LCD projectors aimed at three panels and alligned so that their images combined into one. The gallery movie is 7'25" long and is composed of a flyover of the entire city combined with flyovers of each of the major known monuments of the city and its hinterland.


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"Building a New Rome: Virtual Antioch"
J. Matthew Harrington
Movie Rendered from 3D Digital Reconstruction
Kelsey Museum, JMH 5

February 18, 2006
Digital Images
Courtesy of J. Matthew Harrington