Online Exhibitions

You can tour many of the Kelsey's past and present exhibitions by visiting their websites. Click on the links below for a virtual visit:

Rocks, Paper, Memory: Wendy Artin's Watercolor Paintings of Ancient Sculptures

Pearls of Wisdom: The Arts of Islam at the University of Michigan

Discovery: Excavating the Ancient Worldonserving Antiquity

A Man of Many Parts: The Life and Legacy of Francis Willey Kelsey

Mary Upjohn Meader: Pioneering Adventures over Africa

Building a New Rome: The Imperial Colony of Pisidian Antioch

Cavafy's World: Ancient Passions

Animals in the Kelsey

The Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii: Ancient Ritual, Modern Muse

The Fabric of Everyday Life: Textiles from Karanis, Egypt

Music in Roman Egypt

Early Islamic Inscribed Textiles

Reconstructing Personal Style in Late Antiquity

Sepphoris in Galilee: Crosscurrents of Culture

A Taste of the Ancient World

Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt

Images of Empire: Flavian Fragments in Rome and Ann Arbor Rejoined

Caught Looking: Exhibiting the Kelsey

Ancient Nubia: Egypt's Rival in Africa

Byzantium: University of Michigan Collections and Expeditions

From Riches to Rags: Indian Block-Printed Textiles Traded to Egypt

Dangerous Archaeology: Francis Willey Kelsey and Armenia (1919–1920)

Portals to Eternity: The Necropolis at Terenouthis in Lower Egypt

Wondrous Glass: Reflections on the World of Rome c. 50 BC–AD 650


In addition, the Kelsey Museum cosponsors several online-only exhibitions in collaboration with other University units. To visit these exhibitions, click on the titles below.

Death on Display in the Ancient World

An online exhibition mounted by students in the class "Death in the Ancient World" during the Winter 1998 term.

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity

An exhibition in the Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan Library dealing with manuals of magical practices, various protective devices, and the uses of ancient magic.

The Art of the Fake: Egyptian Forgeries from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

An Internet Public Library exhibition of selected Egyptian artifacts--both real and fake. How and why museums come to acquire forgeries, and what we mean when we talk about different kinds of fakes.