Journal of Roman Archaeology

The following volumes in the Kelsey Museum Fieldwork series are available from the Journal of Roman Archaeology. Click here for contents and ordering information.

Tel Anafa II, ii: Glass Vessels, Lamps, Objects of Metal, and Groundstone and Other Stone Tools and Vessels 
edited by Andrea M. Berlin and Sharon C. Herbert, 2012 
(Published by the Kelsey Museum; please click here to purchase.)

Leptiminus (Lamta): The Field Survey. Report No. 3 (= Journal of Roman Archaeology, suppl. 87). 
D. L. Stone, D. J. Mattingly, and N. Ben Lazreg, 2011

Leptiminus (Lamta): The East Baths, Cemeteries, Kilns, Venus Mosaic, Site Museum, and Other Studies. Report No. 2 (= Journal of Roman Archaeology, suppl. 41).  
edited by L. M. Stirling, D. J. Mattingly and N. Ben Lazreg, 2001

Leptiminus (Lamta): A Roman Port City in Tunisia. Report No. 1 (= Journal of Roman Archaeology, suppl. 4)
N. Ben Lazreg and D. J. Mattingly, 1992

Contributions by R. Caciagli, D. Davidson, A. Di Vita, H. Dodge, J. N. Dore, W. E. Metcalf, C. Osborne, R. Schinke, and L. Stirling. 336 pp., figs., 11 folding plans, clothbound

Bir el Knissia at Carthage: A Rediscovered Cemetery Church. Report No. 1 (= Journal of Roman Archaeology, suppl. 7)
S. T. Stevens, 1993

Contributions by M. Alexander, M. L. Allen, L. Ennabli, N. Ferchiou, J. W. Hayes, L. Miller, P. Visonà, and C. K. Walth. 316 pp., 6 color photos of mosaics, Delattre’s original color plan of his excavations, figs., clothbound

Tel Anafa: Final Report on Ten Years of Excavation at a Hellenistic and Roman Settlement in Northern Israel (= Journal of Roman Archaeology, suppl. 10)

Vol. I (1994)
S. C. Herbert
Part i contains contributions by D. T. Ariel, W. Farrand, G. Finkielsztejn, Y. Meshorer, R. Redding, and A. Stein.
335 pp., 47 line drawings, 47 photographs, clothbound

Part ii contains balks, plates, and a locus summary.
238 pp., 35 line drawings, 319 photographs, 1 large folding plan, clothbound

Vol. II (1997)
The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery
Part i contains The Plain Wares by Andrea Berlin, The Fine Wares by Kathleen Warner Slane, and A Note on the Molded Bowls by Leslie Cornell.
592 pp., 43 full page plates, 112 pages of line drawings, clothbound

Excavations at Coptos (Qift) in Upper Egypt, 1987–1992 (= Journal of Roman Archaeology, suppl. 53), 2003
S. C. Herbert & A. Berlin

232 pp., 60 halftones, 55 line drawings, clothbound



Excavations at Carthage Conducted by the University of Michigan

Vol. 1 (1975)
ix + 203 pp., 35 pl., 8 color pl., 2 folding plans, figs., paperbound

Vol. 2 (1975)
iv + 320 pp., 3 folding plans, figs., paperbound

Vol. 3 (1976)
vii + 173 pp., 8 folding plans, figs., paperbound

Vol. 4 (1976)
viii + 189 pp., 13 pl., 4 color pl., figs., paperbound

Vol. 5 (1977)
xi + 270 pp., 6 pl., 5 folding plans, figs., clothbound

Vol. 6 (1977)
x + 268 pp., 5 pl., 4 color pl., figs., clothbound

Vol. 7 (1977-78)
200 pp., 6 pl., 2 color pl., figs., clothbound