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Museum Offers Two Tours of Iran in 2015

Members of the Kelsey Museum are cordially invited to join either of two tours of Iran led by Kelsey staff members, one in April and one in May of 2015.

The first tour (April 11–May 1), sponsored by Spiekermann Travel Service, will be led by Kelsey Research Scientist Geoff Emberling, archaeologist, museum curator, and former director of the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute. Your tour will explore not only archaeological sites of ancient Persia but also colorful cities, exotic bazaars, and old baths. Marvel at ancient monuments and beautifully tiles mosques. Stroll through medieval bazaars that remain much as they were centuries ago. Stop to visit local nomadic tribes while driving across the country. Click here for the tour brochure.

The second tour (May 13–28), sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America, is led by Margaret Cool Root, University of Michigan Professor of Near Eastern and Classical Art and Archaeology and Kelsey Curator of Ancient Near Eastern and Greek Antiquities. In addition to the dazzling cities of Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, discover the Sasanian religious center of Takht-e Soleiman; Pasargadae, location of the first Persian capital; Yazd, one of the last strongholds of Zoroastrianism; and much more. Click here for the tour brochure.




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