Committee on Institutional Cooperation

Committee on Institutional Cooperation
We invite colleagues from around the country to join the CIC (the Big Ten plus Chicago) in Ann Arbor for a discussion of the state of the liberal arts.

NGA Report

National Governor's Association Report
"In a knowledge-based economy, postsecondary education should seek to align its offerings— curricula, research, and partnerships—to the needs of the marketplace."

Research Universities and the Future of America

"…federal support should encompass all areas of scholarship, including the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, the arts, and professional disciplines such as engineering, education, law..."

UVA President Teresa Sullivan

UVA President Teresa Sullivan
"A university that does not teach the full range of arts and sciences will no longer be a university. Certainly it will no longer be respected as such by its former peers."


Where are the liberal arts and sciences in the research university today?

Are the liberal arts and sciences today at “the heart” of the American research university as university presidents historically have been wont to say? Today, many basic scientists, along with scholars in the humanities and social sciences, share a feeling that their research and teaching is somewhat peripheral to their universities because it is not applied, does not develop products, or does not solve obvious social problems. This is not simply an academic debate. What is at stake is the long-standing view that the breadth, depth, and perspective offered by education in the liberal arts and basic sciences can be useful for students and society both because of the useful skills it transmits and by offering perspective on the rhetoric, social solutions, and scientific paradigms of the present. . . Read More.