About Us

Welcome to the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program

Love writing and the arts? Addicted to poetry, sculpture, film, different forms of creative expression? Want to be involved with other students who share similar passions?

LHSP is a living-learning program focused on writing and the arts. Regardless of whether you major in English or Engineering, Art or Anatomy, LHSP welcomes your creative outlook. In LHSP, you live in a close-knit community of other first- and second-year students, and take small writing and studio arts classes with highly specialized faculty. You'll also attend lots of events, both in LHSP and throughout U-M, such as photography exhibits, theater performances, live concerts, and poetry slams. We offer book clubs, guest authors, creative writing workshops, readings, art workshops, and encourage you to continue writing, painting, sculpting, rhyming, and reflecting on what it means to be a young writer or artist today.

Check out LHSP's video on YouTube.