Jessica Whang, LHSP 2004-05

October 8-10k run in Denver

October 8-10k run in Denver

Major: Architecture
Minor: Program in the Environment
Interests: Michigan Football, pick-up sports on “the Hill,” intramural sports, piano and all of music, photography, and being sustainable

Why LHSP rocks:
The friends I made were amazing, but you can gain them in almost any MLC. LHSP was unique in that it not only developed my love for the arts but also shaped me into someone who appreciates a diversity of activities. Pianos everywhere in the dorm were also a plus!

Favorite class in LHSP:
Matt Kelley’s ENG 125. Every freshman is required to take an ENG125/130 class. This was one of the best highlights from the program not only because the professor was fantastic, but the small class size where your classmates were familiar hall/dorm mates made the class experience more lively and enjoyable.

After LHSP, I knew I wanted to do something creative. I graduated U-M with a BS in Architecture with a minor in the Environment. After graduation I moved to Denver, Colorado, an environment in which I could pursue a career while fulfilling other interests. I have since worked with a non-profit organization promoting environmental sustainability. And while on my own time, I will do anything from running outdoors, taking photos, volunteering at the local food bank to catching
U-M sports with other Wolverines.

Go Blue!