Arts Program

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
                                                                                                    â€”Pablo Picasso

LHSP offers unique opportunities in the visual arts through a variety of classes designed specifically for non-art majors. A rotating selection of courses may include drawing, painting, public art, photography, and paper engineering.

One of the most popular LHSP art classes offered currently is called Art in Public Spaces.  Breathtaking murals have been created in this course, the most recent one is featured prominently in the new U-M Life Sciences atrium.  FestiFools, an annual Street Theatre Art  project, was also invented and  produced by LHSP students taking this course.  Offered every winter semester, students taking Art in Public Spaces now design and create many of the larger than life-sized street puppets which parade down Main street in downtown Ann Arbor, attracting thousands of spectators each spring.

LHSP offers many co-curricular arts workshops sponsored throughout the year by the LHSP Art Club.