Director's Message

The Lloyd Hall Scholars Program: Writing and the Arts

What does it mean to belong to a writing and arts community? Imagine taking writing courses with other students on your floor. Or attending a Writers Panel and hearing your writing instructor read from a novel she has just published. Or joining hall mates on a trip to Detroit to hear a concert or see a play. As a member of the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, you will have the opportunity to explore these options and more.

In the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, a living-learning community focused on creative expression in writing and the arts, we believe that the ability to think and express yourself creatively goes hand-in-hand with the ability to think and express yourself critically. That means we welcome students with a variety of academic interests, from honors to engineering to undecided; regardless of what your academic focus will be, you will benefit from thinking and learning more about writing and the arts. As an LHSP member, you will take introductory writing and arts courses that are offered right in Lloyd Hall. Most of our writing courses are taught by instructors from the Sweetland Writing Center—some of the best writing instructors in the University. You will also have the opportunity to use our Writing Center, where peer tutors will assist you in brainstorming, revising, and polishing your writing.

But remember that belonging to a living-learning community means more than just the classes you take. In addition to contributing to your academic success, we want to nurture a lifelong passion for the creative arts, and we provide opportunities for you to connect with one another, and with the U-M writing and arts community. The lines will blur between what happens inside and outside the classroom. You will meet a variety of people who will sometimes challenge, sometimes reinforce, your old ways of thinking. The more engaged you are, the more you will get out of the program. So join LHSP and get involved. Learn how to draw. Participate in a multicultural or community service event. Get help with an essay in the Writing Center, where you can brainstorm an idea or (finally!) figure out how to use a semicolon. Submit a poem or a piece of artwork to the LHSP Art and Literary journal. Join the Book Club, Creative Writing Club, or Film Club—one of the many student-run clubs that LHSP offers. Figure out what it means to be a young writer, artist, or leader today: How will you distinguish yourself from those of other generations?

If this sounds like a program you might be interested in, please contact the LHSP office (, and we will send you more information. We would also be happy to speak with you if you have specific questions—or if you just want to touch base with us. We are seeking a diverse group of students who all have a common interest—to be active and engaged participants in our first-year living-learning experience. Along with our academic requirements, we will also require participation in specific activities and events.

Welcome to our writing and arts community. I look forward to meeting you.

Carol Tell, Ph.D.

Director, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program