The most important requirements LHSP has are to (1) learn, (2) to take risks with your writing and artwork, and (3) to have fun while you're doing it. You can't learn much of anything and can't have any real fun if you're sitting in your dorm room eating microwave popcorn, pondering whether you should do whites or colors on your next laundry trip, so participation is expected. We require students to join in selected Welcome Week activities, community meetings, and clubs and projects. Of course, this isn't to say that we're discouraging from doing your laundry; we encourage that as well.

You'll also have to take a few courses. As a first-year LHSP student, you will be required to take:

  • One LHSP 125 (Introduction to College Writing) course in fall term. This also fulfills the introductory writing requirement for LSA. A regular ENGL 125 class will not substitute for this requirement. If you are an Honors or Engineering student, please contact LHSP staff during registration.
  • At least one other LHSP course during winter term. These courses may include LHSP 140 (Studio Art), LHSP 130 (Writing and the Arts I), LHSP 230 (Writing and the Arts II) and LHSP 228 (What Is Writing).
  • LHSP Classes: Common Threads
    All first-year LHSP students are required to take at least one LHSP class per semester. Within those LHSP classes, ten percent (10%) of students’ grades will be designated for LHSP community participation.  The following briefly describes the requirements.

All-LHSP Meetings

Students must attend the all-LHSP meetings. The Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 dates are: Friday, September 4th, 10am, and on the following Wednesdays from 7-8pm: September 16th, October
14th*, January 20th, March 23rd, and April 13th. * Performance of Antigone, 7-10pm. Please make sure you reserve these dates and times for LHSP community meetings. If you have concerns with these dates, please let us know right away.

Writing and Arts-Related Clubs and Groups

Each month students will be required to participate in LHSP clubs and/or events that are sponsored by the clubs. They generally meet twice a month and are run by student leaders or LHSP staff.


Each LHSP student is asked to submit a portfolio of his or her best work in the fall semester. These portfolios will be shared with our Portfolio Review Board and submitted to the LHSP Arts and Literary Journal. Students can submit work completed in LHSP or other classes, or any creative work completed outside of class. All portfolios will be returned to students.

Students may submit hard copies or e-portfolios; portfolios may include original artwork or photographs of artwork.  Writing may be printed or multimodal, including video pieces, sound essays, or music.

Please note if you are interested in joining another organization,
such as a sorority or fraternity:

Students who become involved in other organizations, particularly those that require a significant time commitment during the first semester, may have difficulty balancing the needs of two communities. Over the years, we've found that students who choose to defer fraternity or sorority rush until their second year have better experiences in both their new organization and the LHSP program. Keep in mind: Failure to meet program requirements will result in a loss of membership in the program as well as a loss of residence in the residence hall. Only you know what you can handle, but adjusting to college can take some time, so make your choices wisely.