Requirements, Resources

Ph.D. Requirements and Procedures

Current graduate students may find additional information about policies and procedures in the following documents:

For upcoming deadlines, current students should consult:

Forms for Current Graduate Students

  • Progress Report Form: pdf, word
  • QRP Approval Form: pdf, word
  • Dissertation Prospectus Approval: pdf, word


LSA Tuition-only Fellowship (Waivers)

Eligibility: Only students who have advanced to candidacy and have defended their prospectus are eligible to apply. In exceptional cases, the Graduate Committee, in consultation with the student's dissertation committee (if it has been established; if not, the A and B advisors), can waive the prospectus requirement.

Application: Eligible candidates may apply by submitting a proposal to the Graduate Committee. The proposal should include:

  • a detailed description of the proposed off-campus research, its duration, and its relevance to the PhD thesis;
  • written endorsement from both A and B advisors.

Students should submit the proposal to the Graduate Committee by April 1 for a Fall-term tuition fellowship and November 15 for a Winter-term fellowship.