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Prospective Student Information

I am pleased by your interest in the Department of Linguistics. This section of our site will inform you about the application procedures, degree requirements, and financial aid package for incoming graduate students.

In addition to this section of the website, prospective students should consult the Graduate Program Description, Faculty, and Research sections for information about graduate fields of study at Michigan and/or faculty specializations. You will see that our graduate program reflects a dynamic partnership between students and faculty. We approach linguistics as a cognitive and social science, and thus have strong ties to the departments of psychology and anthropology, as well as several of the language departments. If you have further questions, prospective students are invited to contact the Student Services Coordinator, or the Graduate Chair, Andries Coetzee. Current graduate students would also be pleased to provide information about our program; prospective students who would like to hear from one or more current students should contact Marcus Berger, current chair of Graduate Linguists at Michigan.

Graduate student life is enriched by our Linguistics Graduate Student Organization, regular departmental colloquia, and research groups that meet regularly (see schedule of events). We want your graduate experience to be an exhilarating quest and we will do our best to make it so.


Prof. Andries Coetzee
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

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