Julie Boland

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Julie Boland


Linguistics, 414 Lorch Hall-1220

Office Location(s): 4428D East Hall
Phone: 734-764-4488

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Psychology, Linguistics
  • Fields of Study
    • Psycholinguistics, sentence comprehension and parsing, lexical access and representation, sociolinguistic variables in sentence processing, bilingual language processing
  • About

    Julie Boland investigates language processing from an interdisciplinary perspective. Her research focuses on the interfaces of word recognition, syntactic processing, and semantic processing.  She studies language processing in normal adults who are using their native language(s).  She is interested in questions about how syntactic knowledge is stored and accessed, how real world knowledge and linguistic knowledge are integrated, and how sociolinguistic cues contribute to recovery of meaning during language comprehension.

    She regularly teaches courses for the Psychology Department on research methods and the psychology of language.  Professor Boland has supervised multiple PhD dissertations at the University of Michigan:  Lauren Squires, “Sociolinguistic priming and the perception of agreement variation: Testing predictions of exemplar-theoretic grammar” (co-chaired with Robin Queen, 2011), Yu-Fen Hsieh “Sentence Processing in Chinese and Chinese-English Bilinguals: Syntax-Semantics Interaction During Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution” (2010), Damon Tutunjian “Processing coordinated verb phrases: The relevance of lexical-semantic, conceptual, and contextual information towards establishing verbal parallelism” (2010), Lillian Chen “Multiple meaning activation in spoken word recognition, within and between languages” (2008), and Maya M. Khanna “The Development of Language Context Use: The Role of Executive Functions” (2006).

    Selected Publications
    • 2005  Cultural variation in eye movements during scene perception (with H.F. Chua and R. Nisbett). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
    • 2005 Visual Arguments. Cognition.
    • 2006 Argument status and prepositional phrase attachment (second author; with A. Blodgett). Journal of Psycholinguistic Research.
    • 2008 Dominance and context effects on activation of alternative homophone meanings (second author; with L. Chen). Memory & Cognition.
    • 2008 Do we need a distinction between arguments and adjuncts? Evidence from psycholinguistic studies of comprehension (second author; with D. Tutunjian). Language and Linguistic Compass.
    • 2009 Syntactic ambiguity resolution in Chinese: semantic cues and parallel structures (with Y. Hsieh, Y. Zhang, and M. Yan). Language and Cognitive Processes.
    • 2010 Children’s use of language context in lexical ambiguity resolution (second author; with M. Khanna). Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
    • 2010 Semantics doesn’t need a processing license from syntax in reading Chinese (with Y. Zhang and J. Yu).  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition.
    • (In press) Featural analysis and short-term memory retrieval in on-line parsing: Evidence for syntactic, but not phonological, similarity-based interference (with M. Obata, R. Lewis, S. Epstein, and B. Bartek). NELS 41 Proceedings.
    • (Submitted) The functional independence of discourse referential from syntactic processing in reading Chinese: Evidence from ERPs (with J. Yu and Y. Zhang).

  • Education
    • Ph.D., University of Rochester
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