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Year Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs Current Position/Title
2015 Harim Kwon "Cue primacy and spontaneous imitation: Is imitation phonetic or phonological?" Pam Beddor and Andries Coetzee Post-doctoral, Université Paris Diderot
2015 Sujeewa Hettiarachchi      
2015 Tridha Chatterjee "Bilingualism, language contact and change: The case of Bengali and English in India" Marlyse Baptista and Acrisio Pires  
2013 Erica Beck The Role of Socio-indexical Information in Regional Accent Discrimination by 5-7 Year Old Children Carmel O'Shannessy Analyst, Leidos
2013 David Medeiros Formal Approaches to the Morphological Imperative Samuel Epstein and Acrisio Pires Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Carleton College
2013 Tim Chou Phi-Agree, A-movement, and Complementizer-Tense Relations in Chinese Samuel Epstein and Acrisio Pires Assistant Professor of Linguistics and English, Taipei Medical University
2013 Jon Yip Phonetic effects on the timing of gestural coordination in Modern Greek consonant clusters Patrice Beddor Post-doctoral Fellow, School of Humanities (Linguistics) at the University of Hong Kong
2012 Joseph Tyler Discourse Prosody in Production and Perception Ezra Keshet Assistant Professor in the English Department at Qatar University
2012 Terrence Szymanski Morphological Inference from Bitext for Resource-Poor Languages Steve Abney Chief Technology Officer at Savvy Languages
2012 Xinting Zhang A Comparison of Cue-Weighting in the Perception of Prosodic Phrase Andries W. Coetzee and San Duanmu  
2011 Kevin McGowan Listener Expectations and the Processing of Foreign-Accented Speech Steve Abney, Patrice Beddor Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University
2011 Miyeon Ahn Phonetics and Phonology Interplay in Loanword Adaptation: English Alveolar Fricative into Korean Andries W. Coetzee Visiting Scholar at University of Michigan -Ann Arbor
2011 Lauren Marie Squires Sociolinguistic Priming and the Perception of Agreement Variation: Testing Predictions of Exemplar-Theoretic Grammar Julie Boland and Robin Queen Assistant Professor, Department of
English, the Ohio State University
2011 Susan Lin Production and Perception of Prosodically Varying Inter-Gestural Timing in American English Laterals Patrice Beddor Assistant Professor, Dept. of Linguistics at University of California Berkley
2011 Brook Hefright Language Contact as Bilingual Contrast among Bai Language Users in Jianchuan County Robin Queen Associate Research Scientist at the University of Maryland
2010 Sai Samant Arab American Youth and Sound Change in Southeastern Michigan Robin Queen  
2010 Anna M. Babel Contact and Context in Valley Spanish Sarah G. Thomason and Bruce Mannheim Assistant Professor in the Hispanic Linguistics program in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Ohio State University
2010 Yu-Fen Hsieh Sentence Processing in Chinese and Chinese-English Bilinguals: Syntax-Semantics Interaction During Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution Julie Boland Head of Research at the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language at Nanyang Technological University
2010 Konstantia (Dina) Kapetangianni The Minimalist Syntax of Control in Greek Samuel D. Epstein and Acrisio Pires Adjunct Professor at University of North Texas
2010 Miki Obata Root, Successive-Cyclic and Feature-Splitting Internal Merge: Implications for Feature-Inheritance and Transfer Samuel D. Epstein and Noam Chomsky Associate Professor in the Linguistics Program at Tokyo University of Science
2010 Christopher V. Odato Children's Development of Knowledge and Beliefs about Englishlike(s) Deborah Keller-Cohen Instructional Consultant, Keene State College
2010 Damon A. Tutunjian Re-Examining Facilitation from Coordinated Verb Phrases Julie Boland Researcher at Lund University
2009 Li Yang Re-evaluating and Exploring the Contributions of Constituency Grammar to Semantic Role Labeling Steven Abney International Project Engineer Microsoft Redmond, WA
2008 Hoiying (Katherine) Chen Linguistic Practices and Ideologies of Cantonese-English Bilinguals in Hong Kong Judith T. Irvine and Sarah G. Thomason Assistant Professor, School of English, The University of Hong Kong
2008 Lisa Marie Del Torto Ci Arrangiamo: The Realities of Shift-Maintenance Negotiation in an Italian-Canadian Community Robin Queen Instructor at Northeastern Illinois University and instructor in the Writing Program at Northwestern University
2008 Gerardo Fernandez-Salguiero Aspects of the Syntax of (TP-) Coordination, Across-the Board Extraction, and Parasitic Gaps Samuel D. Epstein and Acrisio Pires Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Department of English, National Taiwan normal University
2008 Vera V. Irwin More than just Ethnic. Negotiation of Ethnicity through Language among Russian German Re-settlers and Jewish Refugees from the Former Soviet Union in Germany Robin Queen Adjunct Faculty, English Department at the Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg (Germany)
2007 Nancy Perez A Proto-Matlatzinkan Reconstruction Sarah G. Thomason Lecturer in Romance Languages and Literatures at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
2007 Rizwan Ahmad Shifting Dunes: Changing Meanings of Urdu in India Robin Queen Assistant Professor of Sociolinguistics, Department of English Literature & Linguistics, Qatar University
2007 Christopher Becker Clausal and Nominal Agreement in Russian: A Unified Approach Acrisio Pires  
2007 Robert Felty Effects in Spoken Word Recognition of English and German by Native and Non-native Listeners Patrice Beddor and Jose Benki Speech Scientist, Nuance Communications
2007 Catherine Fortin Indonesian Sluicing and Verb Phrase Ellipsis: Description and Explanation in a Minimalist Framework Samuel Epstein Associate Professor of Linguistics, Carleton College
2007 Michael Marlo The Verbal Tonology of Lumarachi and Lunyala: Two Dialects of Luluyia (Bantu, J. 30, Kenya) Andries Coetzee Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Missouri
2007 Wilfredo Valentin-Marquez Doing being boricua: Perceptions of national identity and the sociolinguistic distribution of liquid variables in Puerto Rican Spanish Lesley Milroy and Teresa L. Satterfield Assistant Professor of Spanish,
Millersville University
2007 Yang Ye Automatic Tense and Aspect Translation between Chinese and English Steven Abney Senior Program Manager Microsoft, Bay Area, CA
2006 Chandan Narayan Non-Native Speech Perception in Infancy and Adulthood: Perceptual Salience and a New Pattern of Development Patrice Beddor and Janet F. Werker Assistant Professor of Linguistics, York University, Toronto, Ontario.
2006 Jennifer Nguyen The Changing Social and Linguistic Orientation of the African American Middle Class Lesley Milroy and Robin Queen Student Services Coordinator, Linguistics, University of Michigan
2006 Hamid Ouali Unifying Agreement Relations: A Minimalist Analysis of Berber Samuel Epstein and Acrisio Pires Associate Professor of Linguistics,
University of Wisconsin
2006 Nicholas Pharris Winuunsi Tm Talapaas: A Grammar of the Molalla Language Sarah Thomason Election and Information Specialist for the State of Washington
2006 Mark Sicoli Tono: A Linguistic Ethnography of Tone and Voice in a Zapotec Region Sally Thomason and Bruce Mannheim Assistant Professor of Linguistics,
Georgetown University
2006 Andrea Stiasny Acquisition of Clitics in Croatian and Spanish and its Implications for Syntactic Theory Acrisio Pires Lecturer in Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Michigan
2006 Ashley Williams Bilingualism and the Construction of Ethnic Identity among Chinese Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area Lesley Milroy Lecturer, American Studies and Anthropology, University of Virginia
2005 Hee Soo Kim Causatives, Passives and Their Ambiguities in Korean, Japanese, and English Acrisio Pires and Marilyn Shatz  
2005 Aman Kumar Aspects of Hindi Syllable Structure San Duanmu Computational Linguist  at BCL Technologies
2005 Chutamanee Onsuwan Temporal relations Between Consonants and Vowels in Thai Syllables Patrice Beddor, chair Instructor in Department of Linguistics, Thammasat University
2005 Erik Schleef Navigating Joint Activities in English and German Academic Discourse: Form, Function, and Sociolinguistics Distribution of Discourse Makers and Question Tags Robin Queen Lecturer (Assoc. Prof.) in English Sociolinguistics, University of Manchester
2004 Evanthia Diakoumakou Coarticulatory vowel nasalization in Modern Greek Patrice Beddor Instructor at Institute of Professional Development
2004 Jeffrey Doan The degradation of ethos in adversarial contexts Jeffrey Heath  
2004 Dushyanthi Mendis A corpus-based study of the use and identification of metaphor in academic speech John Swales On Faculty in Department of English at University of Colombo
2003 Bridget Anderson An acoustic study of Southeastern Michigan Appalachian and African American southern migrant vowel systems Lesley Milroy Associate Professor, Linguistics, Old Dominion University
2003 Mark Arehart Noun compound semantics: linguistic and general-purpose reasoning Richmond Thomason, chair Research Scientist at Mitre Corporation
2003 Elizabeth Axelson A longitudinal study of intercultural discourse in a master's thesis project group John Swales Lecturer in English, ELI, University of Michigan
2003 Annemarie Toebosch Gender-animacy and the morpho-syntax of object clitics in Dutch Samuel Epstein and Christina Tortora Lecturer III, Director of Dutch Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2002 Dacia Dressen-Hammouda Accounting for fieldwork in three areas of modern geology: a situated analysis of textual silence and salience John Swales Research Faculty, Universite Blaise Pascal
2002 Andrew Freeman In search of a koin & eacute; in San & lsquo;a & rsquo; Jeffrey Heath and Raji Rammuny Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Mclean
2002 Rose Letsholo Syntactic domains in Ikalanga Samuel Epstein Assistant Professor, University of Botswana
2001 Joseph Pimentel Sociolinguistic reflections of privatization and globalization: the Arabic of Egyptian newspaper advertisements John Swales Dance Caller
2000 Judith Dyer Language and identity in a Scottish-English community: a phonological and discoursal analysis Deborah Keller-Cohen and Lesley Milroy Lecturer in English, University of Michigan
2000 Hyo-Young Kim Flexibility of English stress San Duanmu Associate Professor of English, Koomin University, Seoul, Korea
2000 Mi-Ryoung Kim Segmental and tonal interations in English and Korean: a phonetic and phonological study Patrice Beddor and San Duanmu Chair, Professor of English, Dept of ESL, Korean Cyber University, Seoul
2000 Stephanie Lindemann Non-native speaker "incompetence" as a construction of the native listener: attitudes and their relationship to perception and comprehension of Korean-accented English Patrice Beddor and Lesley Milroy Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics and ESL, Georgia State Univerisity
2000 Ivelisse Martinez The effects of language on children's understanding of agency and causation Marilyn Shatz US Deparment of Health and Human Services (2010)
2000 Ana Ostermann Reifying and defying sisterhood in discourse: communities of practice at work at an all-female police station and a feminist crisis intervention center in Brazil Deborah Keller-Cohen Professor, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
1999 Peggy Goetz A comparison of 3- and 4-year-old English monolinguals, Mandarin monolinguals, and Mandarin-English bilinguals on a series of theory of mind-related tasks Marilyn Shatz Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences, Calvin College
1999 Yoshimi Miyake The Japanese "deferential" prefix O: a natural history Jeffrey Heath Associate Professor, Akita University
1999 Alicia Wassink A sociophonetic analysis of Jamaican vowels Patrice Beddor and Lesley Milroy Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Washington
1998 Didar Akar Patterns and variations in contemporary written business communications in Turkey: a genre study in four companies Priscilla Rogers and John Swales Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Bogazici University
1998 Dorothy K. Evans-Romaine Palatalization and coarticulation in Russian Patrice Beddor Director, Critical Language Institute, Arizona State University
1998 James Harnsberger The perception of non-native nasal contrasts: a cross-linguistic perspective Patrice Beddor Assistant Professor in Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Florida
1998 Sarah Shin Paibu dollar please!: bilingual Korean American children in New York City Lesley Milroy Professor of Education, University of Maryland Baltimore County
1997 Ummul Ahmad Scientific research articles in Malay: a situated discourse analysis John Swales Associate Professor in Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
1997 Matthew Gordon Urban sound change beyond city limits: the spread of the Northern Cities Shift in Michigan James Milroy and Lesley Milroy Associate Professor of English at the University of Missouri
1997 Laura Grande From "get" to "can": a natural semantic metalanguage study of Chinese de constructions in three pre-modern text samples William Baxter  
1997 Rita Simpson Negotiating identities in Thai Conversation: a sociolinguistic discourse analysis of person-referring expressions Rosina Lippi-Green and Lesley Milroy