The research interests of the Department of Linguistics' faculty and students span the major subfields of the discipline, their interfaces, and their relation to cognate areas in other fields. Collaborative projects, interdisciplinary research groups, and advanced research laboratories all contribute to an active research environment.

Research Areas

Research in the Department falls into six broad areas, which are discussed in detail on separate pages:

Discussion Groups

Corresponding to the research areas listed above are informal groups that meet on Fridays during the fall and winter semesters to discuss ongoing research projects or other current research issues in the disciplines. These discussion groups are open to anyone who is interested, and they attract faculty and students from Linguistics and other departments at UM and nearby universities. See the links under "Research Areas" above for details. The schedule is posted on the Linguistics home page.

Research Labs

There are four research labs in the Department:

Undergraduate Research

See the Undergraduate Research and Internships page.