Phonetics Lab

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PhD Students

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  • Meng Yang (Lecturer of English, Jiangsu Normal University; PhD candidate at Shanghai University of International Studies): Research project: Prosody and fluency in Chinese learners of English
  • Changyong Chen (Associate Professor of English, Hangzhou Dianzi University): Research project: Compounds in Chinese and English.

Recent PhDs

  • Miyeon Ahn: Phonetics and Phonology Interplay in Loanword Adaptation:  English Alveolar Fricative into Korean
  • Evanthia Diakoumakou:  Coarticulatory Vowel Nasalization in Modern Greek
  • Robert Felty: Context Effects in Spoken Word Recognition of English and German by Native and Non-native Listeners
  • Aman Kumar: Aspects of Hindi Syllable Structure
  • Susan Lin:  Production and Perception of Prosodically Varying Inter-Gestural Timing in American English Laterals
  • Michael Marlo: The verbal tonology of Lumarachi and Lunyala: two dialects of Luluyia
  • Kevin McGowan: The Role of Socioindexical Expectation in Speech Perception
  • Chandan Narayan: Acoustic-Perceptual Salience and Developmental Speech Perception
  • Chutamanee Onsuwan: Temporal relations Between Consonants and Vowels in Thai Syllables
  • Sai Samant:  Arab American Youth and Sound Change in Southeastern Michigan
  • Jonathan Yip: Phonetic effects on the timing of gestural coordination in Modern Greek consonant clusters
  • Xinting Zhang: A Comparison of Cue-Weighting in the Perception of Prosodic Phrase Boundaries in English and Chinese

Phonetics-Phonology Discussion Group

Phondi is a discussion and research group for students and faculty at U-M and nearby universities who have interests in phonetics and phonology. We meet roughly biweekly during the academic year to present our research, discuss "hot" topics in the field, and practice upcoming conference or other presentations. We welcome anyone with interests in phonetics and phonology to join us.

See the Phondi entries under the Events Calendar for the current schedule. Please contact Theo Stern ( for information, or to be added to our email group.