Welcome to the web home of the Phonetics and Phonology lab at the University of Michigan!

The faculty and students in the phonetics-phonology group at U-M bring experimental, quantitative, and computational methods to bear on theoretical questions related to sound structures, and human knowledge of these structures.

Our research group, which extends beyond U-M to include faculty from nearby EMU, MSU, and Oakland University, meets approxmiately bi-weekly to discuss our work, as well as new research by others in the fields of phonetics and phonology. Please visit the Linguistics Discussion Group page for more information about these meetings.

We have also hosted several conferences in the past, including Experimental Approaches to OT (2007).

Join Us!

Interested in learning more about our lab and research? Send us e-mail, attend a phondi group meeting, or volunteer to participate in one of our ongoing projects.

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Experimental Approaches to OT