SoConDi Group

The SoConDi group is both a discussion platform and a study group for students and faculty members who are interested in sociolinguistics, language contact, discourse analysis and related disciplines including linguistic anthropology. Members of the SoConDi group present their work in progress from time to time, and discuss current issues in the disciplines, or study selected readings together.

See the SoConDi discussion group page for the current schedule or contact Tridha Chatterjee for more information. You can also visit our SoConDi lab page.


  • Marlyse Baptista (Ph.D., Harvard) Morphology/syntax interface in pidgin and creole languages, syntactic theory, cognition, contact linguistics
  • Deborah Keller-Cohen (Ph.D., State University of New York, Buffalo) Language and aging, language and gender, discourse analysis, literacy, conversational analysis
  • Anne Curzan (Ph.D. University of Michigan) History of English, language and gender, corpus linguistics, historical sociolinguistics, lexicography, pedagogy
  • Barbra Meek (Ph.D. University of Arizona) Child language socialization and acquisition, endangered and/or dormant language issues, linguistic theory and Athabaskan linguistics
  • Robin Queen (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin) Sociolinguistics, language contact, language ideology, Germanic linguistics, intonation
  • Carmel O'Shannessy (Ph.D., University of Sydney) Language contact phenomena, language variation and change, child language acquisition
  • Sally Thomason (Ph.D., Yale) Historical linguistics, language contact, pidgins and creoles, Native American languages

Graduate Students