Fieldwork in Australia

Aerial View of Lajamanu

Fieldwork in Australia


Anna Babel’s fieldwork in Bolivia

Anna Babel’s field site in central Bolivia straddles the Cochabamba and Santa Cruz provinces, which are divided by this river, known as the Mizque.

Tridha Chatterjee’s fieldwork in India

On the Riverbank

Tridha Chatterjee’s fieldwork in India

The Streets of Kolkata

SoConDi Lab Members

The people of the Socio-Contact-Discourse Lab


The SoConDi group is both a discussion platform and a study group for students and faculty members who are interested in sociolinguistics, language contact, discourse analysis and related disciplines including linguistic anthropology. Members of the SoConDi group present their work in progress from time to time, and discuss current issues in the disciplines, or study selected readings together.