Research and Internship Opportunities


The University of Michigan is among the leading research universities in the country. The Department of Linguistics recognizes the importance of research experience as part of students' undergraduate education and in helping students decide whether they want to pursue graduate study. We encourage all undergraduates interested in linguistics to explore the research opportunities available to them through the Linguistics Department or other research programs offered at U-M.

Research Exchange

Faculty and graduate students seeking help with various research projects post open positions to the Research Exchange. Undergraduates can contact the faculty or graduate student directly. Some positions are compensated; some are offered for course credit and some are experience-only. New options are posted frequently.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

Creates year-long research partnerships between undergraduate students and U-M faculty. Each year, faculty from the Department of Linguistics participate in the program. In addition, the interdisciplinary nature of the study of language means that research projects with faculty from other departments may be of interest to linguistics students.

Faculty Research

Department faculty are actively engaged in research projects that span most subfields of linguistics — including many interdisciplinary topics — and employ a range of research methods. Linguistics concentrators interested in participating in a research project are encouraged to check out ongoing faculty research and to approach the faculty member whose work interests them.  Some advanced students may be able to participate in a project for which they receive pay (e.g., through NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates program or other grant-related research). Faculty members may also involve advanced students in research in the form of an independent study or an honors thesis.

Research Discussion Groups

Highly motivated linguistics concentrators who wish to learn more about linguistics research being conducted at U-M might choose to attend meetings of faculty-student research groups. A number of different research discussion groups meet roughly biweekly during the academic year (on Friday afternoons) to discuss ongoing research. Many of these groups are joined by faculty and graduate students in other U-M departments, as well as colleagues from Eastern Michigan, Michigan State, Wayne State, and Oakland Universities. 


The Department of Linguistics has an active internship program which places linguistics concentrators in settings that supplement their classroom experiences, allowing them to use their academic training in service to the community, in language-related industries, or to otherwise hone their linguistic knowledge through real world experiences. Many students who participate in undergraduate internships find that these experiences help them in future career or graduate study choices. Students who are interested in an internship in Linguistics should plan to enroll in LING 385: Experiential Practice or LING 386: Community Service and Language, Education and Culture.