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What is the Language Bank? The Language Bank is a service provided by the Language Resource Center, intended to bring together students, faculty, and staff of the University of Michigan who are interested in translating, with campus and community agencies who need translation or interpretation services.

How does the Language Bank work? Campus or community agencies submit a description of a translation project, along with the language(s) and date(s) needed. Our Language Bank Coordinator will then sort through the database to offer the job to volunteer translators who meet the criteria for the translation. There is no cost for this service, it is provided on a voluntary basis.

If your project does not fit within the scope of our service; if you have a high-stakes translation, need a certified translation or have a tight deadline, consider hiring a professional. 
Professional Translator List

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Any member of the U-M community who is interested in translating may sign up as a volunteer. Novice translators are welcome, and in some cases may be paired up with more experienced translators. Even though this is a volunteer position, every effort should be made to produce a quality product, within the timeline of the request. Time commitments will vary with each request, so choose wisely when a project comes up for translation.

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Tell us about your needs, and we will search our database of volunteers to find a match to provide the translation for you. This is a free service, so while every effort will be made to meet deadlines, there is no guarantee that we will be able to find a volunteer for your project, in your required timeline.

Please Note: If your project requires official certification, you should contact a professional translation service. We have collected a list of professional translators in the Ann Arbor area.


Professional Translators