The Art of Jason Polan

October 18, 2013 | by Susan Hutton

Jason Polan (’04) has put a twist on the concept of a street artist: yes, he creates his art in public, but he also uses the public in his art. Including, eventually, sketching every single person in New York City. In fact, Jason Polan might like to sketch you, or make you an hour’s worth of art, or show you his take on all the people in People Magazine.  

Though this artist has had scads of success, including pieces in The New Yorker and The New York Times and might, therefore, be justifiably inclined toward the snooty side of art, he’d really prefer to draw your favorite piece of art in The Museum of Modern Art and then feed you a hot dog. He’s an LSA alum looking to create experiences for people, capturing the moments that snare his attention and sharing them.  

Click through the slideshow for examples of Polan's quirky, arresting work, and read more about the artist and his perspective in the next LSA Magazine

For more pieces, click here.



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