Data Center

Data Centers
LSA IT uses several data centers around campus to serve our customers.


LSA IT works with you to appropriately and securely store your data.

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Computer Support Group (CSG)
LSA IT's CSG team supports our customers in several Central Campus buildings, including MLB (shown here).

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East Hall Technical Services (EHTS)
LSA IT's EHTS team supports the east side of Central Campus out of East Hall.

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Research Support North (RSN)
LSA IT's RSN team supports LSA's museums and much of the north side of Central Campus.


LSA Information Technology (LSA IT) provides general computing support to college faculty and staff. Our services can be classed as advocacy and research support, desktop support services, and infrastructure operations and maintenance.

LSA IT's offices and primary service desk are co-located on the ground floor of the LSA Building and are open during university business hours, 8:00am–5:00pm Monday–Friday. We also have four regional support desks — in the Chemistry Building, East Hall, Krause Building, and Randall Laboratory — that provide local support to departments.

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