Loaner Equipment

LSA IT and its regional support groups often have equipment available for loan. The equipment can vary by location, and we often give priority to classroom support over individual needs.

Please contact the LSA IT Service Desk for an up-to-date list of available equipment.

LSA IT - East Hall Loaner Equipment

LSA IT - East Hall has the following equipment available:

  • Apple laptops
  • Apple video adapters (1 each):
    • Apple Mini-DVI to VGA
    • Apple Mini-VGA to VGA
    • Apple Mini-Display-Port to VGA
    • Apple DVI to VGA
    Apple video adapters are available for purchase at the Computer Showcase in the basement of the Michigan Union. If you don't know what type of adapter you need, we can help you.
  • Desktop LCD projectors (2)
  • Mini digital audio recorder
  • PC laptops running Windows 7 (with Office 2007)
  • Wireless USB microphones

Faculty, staff, and students may, in person, sign out any of that equipment for the day. It must not leave East Hall and must be returned before 5pm. You must leave your MCard with the IT staff as collateral.

All of this equipment is signed out on a first come, first served basis. Quantities are limited, so if you know you will need and item for a presentation, please come early in the day.

LSA IT - Randall Loaner Equipment

LSA IT - Randall has equipment that can be loaned out to users as needed. Loans are done on a first-come-first-served basis but you can request that they hold something for you. They loan for just about any length of time but loans exceeding 3 days requires LSA IT management sign-off to ensure loaner equipment is available for others when needed. Classroom loans take priority over others so if a classroom is in need of equipment and you are requesting the same equipment for a non-classroom purpose then the classroom will get the equipment over your request.

LSA IT - Randall has the following equipment to loan:

  • One Mac loaner (13" Apple Macbook)
  • Five Windows laptop loaners (various models)
  • Two portable projectors (Sony VPL-CX5)

To reserve equipment, contact and specify the equipment, how long you need it, and when you'll pick it up.

LSA IT - Randall also has miscellaneous cables, adapters and the like. If you are in need of something please contact Equipment can be picked up at 2428 Randall Lab.