Operating System Support

LSAIT CSG and the regional support groups provide operating system support for university-owned desktop and laptop computers running Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows. We can provide both in-person support as well as remote support via screen-sharing. In general we support the current and immediate previous versions of the operating system (please see our OS support policy (when the Policies channel is published)); support for older operating systems is not guaranteed. All university-owned equipment that is on campus is covered, excluding certain specific vendor-supported machines. The level of support for university-owned equipment that is off campus (such as at home or with you at your remote research site) can vary by department.

For those departments with computers attached to scientific instruments, support levels for those computers and instruments depends on the department and the support group. Please contact your regional support group for more information.

Please contact the LSAIT Service Desk or your regional support group if you need assistance and for more details as to what is and isn't supported.