Education, User Awareness, & Consulting

In the Education, User Awareness, & Consulting service, the LSAIT Infrastructure group provides documentation, face-to-face consultation, and training regarding safe computing and data protection. This includes initiatives to educate faculty and staff through University and LSA-specific IT security policies and standards, best practices for handling institutional data, security-related advisories, and technical how-tos. We also address concerns brought forward by departments or individuals and encourage discussion around information security related issues. Ultimately, the goal of these efforts is to provide sound information security training to empower faculty and staff with the knowledge to appropriately protect information assets, safeguard the integrity of institutional processes, and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

Data Profile Tool

In order to help faculty and researchers achieve safe handling and storage of research and scholarly materials, LSA has created a tool to help you determine the sensitivity of your work and protection measures that should be in place to secure sensitive information. Receive up-to-date information information on security, legal compliance, training resources, and solutions tailored for the data type you are working with by completing a profile on LSA's Data Profile Tool (requires authentication).

Reference Materials