About Us

Q: What is LSA Student Government (LSA SG)?

A: According to the LSA Student Government Constitution, LSA SG is a student run organization that represents the Student Body of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

LSA SG is part of a network of other governing bodies at the University of Michigan including the Central Student Government (CSG), Rackham Student Government and the University of Michigan Engineering Council.

Q: What does LSA SG do?

A: LSASG works with University administration and student organizations on behalf of the Student Body of LSA whenever it is in the interests of LSA students to do so. LSASG plans its own events, such as Taste of Michigan, and also co-sponsors events with other student organizations that will benefit the students of LSA.

LSASG has four main responsibilities to LSA students:

  1. Changing Policy: LSASG will seek a continuous role for LSA students in College policy and decision making when student interests are involved.
    For example: LSASG has lobbied on behalf of student interest on such issues as setting a precedent of exam-free election days.
  2. Improving Well-Being: LSASG works to improve the quality of both academic and non-academic life for the students of LSA.
    For example: LSASG hosts a Stress Free Diag Day during exam weeks offering free items and services including Green Books, food, and professional massages.
  3. Protecting Rights: LSASG protects the rights of LSA students.
    For example: LSA SG advocated on behalf of a Gender-Neutral Housing option.
  4. Representing Students: LSA SG serves as the representative voice of LSA students pertaining to academics and their general welfare both on and around campus.
    For example: LSA SG worked with administration to create the International Studies Minor due to growing demand from LSA students.

Q: How does LSA SG function?

A: LSA SG is composed of students in committees set up like a network.

The different committees each have tasks and goals to consider at their own meetings. Weekly General Meetings are held wherein all members convene to update one another on the happenings of their committees as well as to hear from guest speakers, discuss and vote on resolutions and give reports, among other government business.

Constituents: All students of the College of LSA.

Associate Representatives: Any constituents who attend three consecutive General Meetings are given this title and granted speaking rights during General Meetings.

Elected Representatives: Members of LSA SG voted into office by LSA students during the fall or winter semester elections who each represent a portion of the Student Body of LSA, similar to a House Representative of the U.S. Government. Their individual biographies are available on the Representatives Page of this website.

Executive Board: With the exception of the President and Vice-President, who are voted in by LSA constituents, these members are nominated by the President and then approved by the representatives of LSA SG. The Treasurer, Secretary, Counsel, External Relations Officer, and Academic Relations Officer have specific responsibilities and roles to assure everything runs smoothly within LSA SG. Their individual biographies are available on the Executives Page of this website.

Committees: LSA SG is divided into ten committees which each focus on different aspects of Student LifeAll committee information including details on Chairs and Vice-Chairs, meeting times and dates, current projects, and descriptions can be found on the Committees Page of this website.

Q: What does the LSA SG website offer?

A: LSASG.umich.edu is the official website where LSA SG keeps its constituents informed with what's happening on their Student Government.

Event Calendar: See what LSA SG has planned on the Events Page.

Documents: Download important applications, past resolutions, or previous minutes from meetings on the Documents Page.

Biographies: Learn more about the Representatives and Executives who represent the LSA students on their respective pages.

Committees: View more information on the various committees in LSA SG on the Committees Page.

LSA SG Digest: Subscribe to LSA SG's weekly newsletter sent by e-mail featuring the week's highlights.

Facebook: Like LSA SG on Facebook and become a part of the conversation about important campus issues at Facebook.com/LSASG.

Twitter: Get short updates of what LSA SG is doing for students at Twitter.com/LSASG.

Q: How do I get more involved?

A: There are numerous ways to get more involved in campus life:

  • Join LSA SG: It couldn't be easier to start affecting change within the College of LSA. You can attend one of the LSA SG Mass Meetings at the beginning of the semester, stop by the LSA SG office in G325 Mason Hall to ask a member for more information, or just go to any LSA SG's committee meetings.
  • VOTE: The single most important action an LSA student should do is vote in LSA SG elections each semester to select representatives and voice opinions on important ballot issues.
  • Support LSA: Come to LSA events or participate in LSA sponsored causes to not only benefit LSA SG but also show school pride.
  • Email This Sucks: Send an email to ThisSucks@umich.edu telling LSA SG about what can be improved on campus.
  • Voice Your Opinions: Email any LSA SG Representative with your thoughts or visit the SG Office at G325 Mason Hall and share your feelings on campus-wide issues.