Welcome to the graduate section of the Math webpage. The Math Department offers both Master's Degrees and Doctorates in several areas.

There are several programs at the University of Michigan leading to the Master’s Degree in Mathematics: a general program, and special programs designed for students wishing to concentrate in applied mathematics, teaching or actuarial mathematics. While entering students have usually completed courses in differential equations, advanced calculus, linear algebra, and introductory modern algebra, admissibility depends on the student’s record and background in view of the type of program being pursued. Specific degree requirements for each of the programs are detailed in those programs' pages.

The Mathematics Department also offers a doctorate in Mathematics, an interdisciplinary doctorate in Mathematics/Scientific Computation, and a doctorate in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics (AIM).

The requirements for the AIM program are substantially different from the other two and are listed on the AIM page. Most of this document describes in detail requirements for the doctorate in Mathematics. The final section describes the requirements for the doctorate in Mathematics/Scientific Computation.