Karen Smith

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Keeler Professor

Office Location(s): 3074 East Hall
Phone: 734.763.5048
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    Karen Smith's research lies at the interface of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. Algebraic geometry is the study of geometric shapes which are defined by polynomial equations; commutative algebra is the study of the rings of polynomial functions on such geometric objects. Specifically, one focus of Smith's research the use of prime characteristic methods to prove results about complex projective varieties. For example, the singularities of varieties can be measured in various ways using reduction to characteristic p and then iteration of the Frobenius map. Similarly, global properties of projective varieties, such as the ways in which they can embed in different projective spaces, can be understood by studying the splitting properties of the Frobenius map. Karen Smith has been involved with the development of asymptotic test ideals (in char 0) and their characteristic p analog, test ideals.

  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Algebra/Algebraic Geometry