Mathematics Education

What is Mathematics Education?

Mathematics education has been a focus of attention around the world over the last few decades. On one hand, scholars, designers, and practitioners have produced exciting new developments in research, curriculum, and assessment. New standards for instruction and curriculum have been developed and an international discourse community on mathematics education has grown. On the other hand, mathematics education has been the target of intense criticism and debate among different stakeholders and communities. The need for new scholars and leaders in mathematics education is great. New advances in the field—in practice and in research—as well as focused concern make it a particularly good time to earn a graduate degree in mathematics education. Our doctoral concentration prepares graduates to be leaders, creative scholars, and teachers in mathematics education. With a concern for the interdisciplinary nature of the significant problems in our field, we create opportunities for our graduate students to learn to work across conventional domains—mathematics as discipline, the world of schooling, professional education, educational scholarship, and policy.

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Mathematics Education Courses

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