∞ Departmental Advising

Because navigating the mathematical landscape can be tricky, Mathematics offers one-on-one faculty advising.  If you wish to

  • discuss courses and course planning in mathematics,
  • explore the mathematics major or minor,
  • investigate summer internship or research opportunities,
  • declare or release a mathematics degree,
  • investigate the mathematical aspects of your study abroad plans,
  • explore post-graduation options for students of mathematics, or
  • discuss most any topic mathematical,

then click here to schedule an appointment. If no appointments are available, please contact the undergraduate office at math-undergrad-office@umich.edu. Appointments and counseling sessions are held in the Mathematics Student Services Office (2084 East Hall).

Students of mathematics should visit with a Departmental Advisor before registering for courses each semester, before making any important program changes, and before leaving to study abroad.

Note:  If you have questions about transfer credit evaluation, please do not ask a Departmental Advisor; he or she will not be able to help you.  Instead, please visit the Department’s transfer credit evaluation web page.