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Meet our 2017 Interns

General Information

Make Friends, Make Money and Make a Difference this summer at Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum! We are hiring up to 40 PAID University of Michigan student interns to participate in our Nature Academy program from May - August, 2017. The Nature Academy serves the twofold purpose of accomplishing the work of the organization and training a new generation of environmental leaders in sustainability, conservation and ecological restoration. Matthaei-Nichols is the center for rich and diverse nature-based experiences for the University of Michigan and its surrounding communities.

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All positions have been filled for the 2017 season.

Name that Intern

Did you know? Our interns are funded by donors and members.

And some of those internships are named, adding to the prestige of the position. For example, the Elizabeth Needham Graham Endowment---named in memory of a long-time docent---monitors, maintains, and interprets the Sam Graham Trees and Trail at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. As an intern, your work helps to sustain the important natural areas and beautiful gardens that are so critical to our mission. If you're a donor, member, or are interested in supporting our internship program, visit our Student Support Giving page.

"The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer."

"Women and minorities are encouraged to apply."

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