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Photograph of Red-Tailed Hawk taken at Nichols Arboretum by Andreas Kanon
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Expand your knowledge of the natural world, explore a new topic, or learn a new skill by attending one of the many programs we offer year-round. The roster includes lectures series, exhibits, workshops, field classes, and more, most free and offered by our partner groups. No registration required unless noted in description.

We also offer nature-based youth programs and programs for scouts or groups of children.


 1/10/2017 - Native Gardens at Home
 1/11/2017 - Native Plant Seed Cleaning and Exchange
 1/12/2017 - Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arranging
 1/16/2017 - Wildflowers of Michigan Nature Association Sanctuaries
 1/17/2017 - Public Funding and the Environment
 1/18/2017 - Exploring the Brazilian Pantanal
 1/18/2017 - Exploring the Brazilian Pantanal
 1/21/2017 - So You Want to Be a Beekeeper?


 2/1/2017 - A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan
 2/9/2017 - Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arranging
 2/14/2017 - Bee Nutrition and Bee Health
 2/15/2017 - Vacation on the Riviera Maya - Birding on Family Time
 2/15/2017 - Vacation on the Riviera Maya - Birding on Family Time
 2/20/2017 - Ferns of Southeast Michigan
 2/21/2017 - Citizens’ Climate Lobby: Grassroots Action for Energy Alternatives
 2/22/2017 - Demonstration of Bonsai Grafting Techniques
 2/25/2017 - Creative Natives for Rock Gardens


 3/1/2017 - Korean Gardening wi the Ann Arbor Garden Club
 3/6/2017 - Herb Seed Giveaway
 3/9/2017 - Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arranging
 3/14/2017 - Biodynamic Beekeeping
 3/15/2017 - Washtenaw Audubon Society Program
 3/20/2017 - DNA - Just Why Are So Many Plant Names Changing?
 3/21/2017 - Local & Long Distance Osprey
 3/22/2017 - Things I Didn’t Know as a Bonsai Beginner 50 Years Ago
 3/25/2017 - 2017 American Dahlia Society New Dahlia Introductions


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