The University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum
Quercus coccinea

Plant Details
Scientific Name: Quercus coccinea
Michigan Common Name(s): Scarlet Oak
USDA Common Name(s): Scarlet Oak
USDA Family Common Name(s): Beech family
Habit: Tree
Leaf Duration: Deciduous
Duration: Perennial
Bloom Month(s):
Flower Color(s):
Fruit Color: Brown

Plant Origin

Conservation Status
Michigan Status:
Federal Status:
Global Status: Not Listed 2011

Property Zone Subzone Geolocation
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Main Building, Gardens and Service Areas
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Location Details:Tree near the south end of Commons, near the Alexandra Hicks Herb Knot Garden

Nichols Arboretum
No lat/long

Nichols Arboretum
Geddes Entrance
Centennial Shrub Collection
No lat/long

Location Details:East of Nichols Drive

Nichols Arboretum
Oak Woodlands
No lat/long

Nichols Arboretum
Oak Woodlands
Oak-Hickory Wood
No lat/long

Location Details:in Magnolia Glade - up the valley from the big-leaf magnolias




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