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Free street parking spaces are sometimes available on Oswego St. near the Arb's Geddes Street entrance.
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Few places on Earth are as beautiful as Michigan on a fine fall day. Stroll through the trails & gardens during the early morning or later afternoon at this special time of year.
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study spots
Looking for a location to hold a group meeting? We have some of the University's best study spots.

The four sides of the base quote the opening of the Verse of the Throne in the Qur'an. Below is the unofficial working translation by U-M students:

  • "Bism" ~ In the Name of
  • "Allah Rahman Rahim" ~ God, the Most Merciful, the Especially Merciful
  • "Alla La ilaha illa hu" ~ God, there is no deity except Him
  • "Al-Hayy Al-Qayyum" ~ The Ever-Living, the Sustainer
  • "La ta'khudhuhu" ~ He is not overtaken
  • "sinatu wa la nawm" ~ by drowsiness nor sleep
  • "lahu a fi As-samawat wa ma fi" ~ To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on
  • "Al-Ard man dha" ~ the earth. Who is it
  • "Al-ladhi yash-" ~ that can inter-
  • "-fa'u a'ndahu illa bi idhnihi" ~ -cede with Him except by His permission
  • "ya'lam ma" ~ He knows what
  • "bayna aydi-" ~ is before th-
  • "-him wa" ~ -em and End:
  • "ma khalfahum" ~ what will be after them

The Cenotaph will go on display for several weeks beginning April 2, 2007.

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