What is M-Bio?
M-Bio is a two-year program for biology-interested students admitted to the University of Michigan. The program begins with an intensive summer residential academic program followed by two years of special programming. The M-Bio Program is designed to strengthen and diversify the cohort of students who will receive their biological sciences degree from the University of Michigan. Upon graduation, students who participate in M-Bio will be especially well prepared to seek career opportunities or to attend graduate or professional school in the biological sciences.

What Happens During the M-Bio Summer Program?
M-Bio students will spend the summer term living in an UM residence hall and taking three courses in math, science, and writing for a total of eight credits. The cost of tuition and room and board will be the studentís responsibility, although financial aid may cover some or all of these costs for students who are eligible. In addition to a daily schedule of classes, M-Bio students will participate in evening study sessions, attend lectures, work closely with academic coaches, and participate in an array of social, cultural and personal growth experiences. Upon successful completion of the summer term, M-Bio students will have earned eight credits toward their degree, in addition to a $1,500 stipend.

What Happens During Years One and Two?
Academic coaches will continue to support M-Bio students and help them to achieve success while managing academic and personal challenges. M-Bio students will also attend social and cultural programs offered throughout the academic year. Attendance at weekly study groups is also an important component of the M-Bio program. Many M-Bio students will be eligible to receive comprehensive financial aid during fall and winter terms. M-Bio students will then engage in a paid research fellowship experience during the summer between their first and second years.

What Happens After Year Two?
By the end of sophomore year, M-Bio students will have declared their area of concentration. This will make them eligible for guidance by departmental concentration advisors and research mentors. It is expected that M-Bio students who continue to successfully complete program requirements will be eligible for scholarships, paid research experiences, and leadership opportunities, such as becoming Study Group Facilitators at the Science Learning Center.

What are the Benefits of Participating in M-Bio?
Research suggests participation in a high quality, challenging summer transition program, followed by comprehensive support throughout the academic year, increases academic excellence. M-Bio students will be encouraged to build upon their strengths as they develop personally, academically and professionally. Participants also receive a $1,500 stipend upon successful completion of the summer program. Additional financial aid benefits may also be available.

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