Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Behavior and Neural Circuits
Biological Clocks and Sleep
Cell Cycle and Cancer Biology
Chromatin Biology, Epigenetics & Gene Regulation
Computational Biology
Genome Integrity
Hormones, Growth Factors and  Cytokines
Metabolism and Metabolic Diseases
Microbial Pathogenesis and Biofilms
Plant Molecular Biology
Protein Folding and Folding Diseases
Signal Transduction and Cell-Cell Communication
Stem Cells and Pluripotency
Stress Responses
Trafficking and Organelle Biogenesis


--Basic research on the function of living organisms with focus on the molecular and cellular levels of all branches of life — bacteria, plants, and animals. See what our faculty focus on.

-- Graduate programs with about 60 PhD students, and about 12 masters students

--Cell and Molecular Biology undergraduate major with nearly 200 graduates each year.


MCDB in the News

Search-and-rescue proteins find, fix DNA mutations linked to cancer
UM News | November 9, 2015 University Record | November 20, 2015 

Regular soda, please: Hormone that differentiates sugar, diet sweeteners could exist in humans
UM News
| June 11, 2015

Consistency is the key to success in bread baking and biology
UM News
| March 16, 2015

E. coli may hold one of the keys to treating Parkinson's
University Record | January 23, 2015 | Also: Michigan Daily

MCDB Alum Included in Ebola Fighters Feature
Braving Ebola New York Times | October 31, 2014


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