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We are grateful for your donations of any size to support our education and research activities.

Recent advances in the life sciences have set the stage for extraordinary new discoveries about the molecular basis of life and for their application in medicine, agriculture, and wildlife conservation. Your support for our research and the education of our students in undergraduate and graduate programs is critical to our ability to fully realize the potential of the life sciences for addressing critical issues facing our world. 

To ensure that important basic research thrives at the UM, MCDB seeks support to create a Laboratory for Biological Imaging. In addition, gifts are needed to provide undergraduates with opportunities for hands-on research, and to encourage diversity in the biological sciences by helping students receive the support they need to become successful scholars and researchers. These initiatives and more will ensure that department remains a leader in the molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.

Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology Strategic Fund - 308217

Your donation supports the department's instructional and research needs.

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MCDB Undergraduate Research Fund - 327021

Your contributions to this fund will provide opportunities for our undergraduate students to conduct research with faculty. These immersive experiences can help shape career directions and are essential to compete for elite graduate programs.

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Christine Psujek Memorial Undergraduate Award

Chris Psujek helped over 15,000 students during her time in biology with her knowledge, compassion, and patience – a truly incredible legacy. Undergraduates will remember her for her ability to answer just about any question that was thrown at her and graduate students will remember her from the fair and organized way she managed GSI assignments. The faculty relied on her extensively in their role as concentration advisors as well as all administrative aspects of their undergraduate teaching. In her memory, the Program in Biology has established the Christine Psujek Memorial Undergraduate Award. An award will be presented annually to the graduating senior who submits the best honors thesis in any of the biology concentrations. 

To direct this gift to this fund:
Use this online: Christine Psujek Memorial Undergraduate Award Fund - 317374
By check-- add Christine Psujek Memorial Undergraduate Award Fund - 317374 in the memo space.

Laboratory for Biological Imaging

$2M endowed/$2.5M expendable to launch

The study of life at the molecular and cellular levels has been revolutionized by recent developments in imaging technologies that allow for unprecedented resolution at microscopic scale in living organisms, which is essential to understand how genomes create cells, how cells constitute organisms and how errant cells cause disease. MCDB plans to build a core facility with modern instrumentation to support research to visualize and understand four-dimensional molecular and cellular functions in living organisms. 

Funding for this initiative will enhance significantly our technical capability for cutting-edge research in neuroscience, cell and developmental biology, and genetics. The Laboratory for Biological Imaging will provide currently unavailable capabilities for imaging live organisms and will enhance the research infrastructure of the University of Michigan.

To Launch:
New imaging equipment and upgrades to existing equipment:
$2.5M expendable

Additional Requirements for Laboratory:

  • Senior technical staff: $50,000 annually/ $1M endowed
  • Trainee support for graduate and undergraduate students:
    $50,000 annually/ $1M endowed

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, contact the MCDB Department Chair, Robert Denver, or our LSA Development Liaison, Elizabeth Williams.

Major Giving Opportunities

As part of the Victors for Michigan campaign, we have prepared a document that outlines several major giving opportunities, including the Biological Imaging Facility, M-STEM Academies, new Natural History Museum exhibits, and more. View/Download a pdf of the MCDB Victors Campaign  document describing these things in detail or contact the MCDB Chair to explore possibilities.


Contact Information

Elizabeth Williams
LSA Development, Marketing, & Communications
5000 LSA
500 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48190-1382
phone: 248-790-1358

Robert Denver, Chair
Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

1127 Kraus Natural Science Building
830 N. University
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48190-1048
phone: 734-763-7427


The University of Michigan Office of Development
3003 South State Street, Suite 9000
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1288
phone: 734.647.6000

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PDF: Download a Description of Our Major Giving Opportunities