Masters Program

The MCDB Master of Science degree is a non-thesis, non-research based degree, however, some Master's students work in laboratories for course credit. The program consists of twenty-four hours of course work; this includes at least sixteen hours of MCDB courses at the 400 level or above and at least four hours in a cognate subject. This program is flexible and serves a variety of career objectives such as teaching in secondary schools, employment in a variety of research-oriented jobs, and preparation for further professional training.The department does not provide funding for Master's students.

Domestic Master's students may apply for financial aid through the financial aid office at

MCDB accepts Master's students for the Fall and Winter terms. Deadlines for applications are April 1 for the Fall term and November 1 for the Winter term.

Frequently Asked Questions for Masters Students

graduation on the diagIf accepted into the Masters program will I be funded?
The department does not fund any of the Master's students. Master's students can apply for graduate student instructor (GSI) positions through the Program in Biology, but they are not guaranteed of being offered a position.

Domestic Master's students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid department at

Can I move directly from the Masters Program into the Ph.D. program?
No. All Ph.D. applications must go through the same application process and review. The Masters program is not a stepping stone to admission to the doctoral program.

What are the departmental and institutional GRE codes?
Institutional code: 1839. Department code: 0203.

What are the departmental and institutional TOEFL codes?
Institutional code: 1839. Department code: 35.