• Mohammed Akaaboune

    Mohammed Akaaboune

    Professor 3127, 3123, 3121 Nat Sci
    Lab Phone: 734.647.4040

    Synaptic development, Synaptic plasticity, Dynamics of postsynaptic proteins, Neuromuscular diseases734.647.8512 / makaabou@umich.edu

  • faculty image: rafiqaa

    Rafiqa Ameziane

    Lecturer III 4138B USB

    734.763.7136 / rafiqaa@umich.edu

  • mcammer profile photo

    Marcus Ammerlaan

    Lecturer IV 4138H Undergraduate Science Bldg

    734.764.4431 / mcammer@umich.edu

  • facutly image saton

    Sara Aton

    Assistant Professor 3126C Nat. Sci.
    Lab: 3126 Nat Sci
    Lab Phone: 734.764.8944

    Systems neurobiology, nervous system plasticity, neurobiology of sleep734.615.1576 / saton@umich.edu

  • faculty image: kbalazo

    Kenneth Balazovich

    Lecturer IV 4138D USB

    734.647.0882 / kbalazo@umich.edu

  • RVB: Faculty image

    Raymond Barbehenn

    Associate Research Scientist 3051A Nat. Sci.
    Lab: 3007, 3008, 3006 Nat Sci 734.764.7476

    Biochemical aspects of plant-herbivore interactions734.647.0811 / rvb@umich.edu

  • faculty image: jbardwel

    James Bardwell

    Professor 4007A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4007, 4008 Nat. Sci.
    Lab Phone: 734.647.6683

    Protein folding catalysts and laboratory evolution.734.764.8028 / jbardwel@umich.edu

  • faculty image: brboles

    Blaise Boles

    Assistant Professor 2109A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 2095 Nat. Sci.
    Lab Phone: 734.763.4681

    734.647.7251 / brboles@umich.edu

  • faculty image: buttitta

    Laura Buttitta

    Assistant Professor 3028B Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 3047 Nat. Sci.
    Lab Phone: 734.764.8616

    We study how the cell cycle is regulated to speed up, slow down or stop cell proliferation at the right places and times during development.734.764.2802 / buttitta@umich.edu

  • faculty image: cadigan

    Kenneth Cadigan

    Professor 3028D Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 3037 Nat. Sci.
    Lab Phone: 734.647.5776

    Using several developmental systems and cell culture to explore the mechanism of how the Wnt signal pathway regulates gene expression.734.936.3246 / cadigan@umich.edu

  • faculty image: landersn

    Lynn Carpenter

    Lecturer IV 1111B Nat. Sci.

    734.936.2868 / landersn@umich.edu

  • faculty image: amychang

    Amy Chang

    Associate Professor 2116 Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 2092 Nat. Sci.
    Lab Phone: 734.647.7964

    Protein sorting and quality control in the secretory pathway.734.647.7963 / amychang@umich.edu

  • faculty image: chapmanm

    Matthew Chapman

    Associate Professor
    Associate Chair
    Undergraduate Studies
    2095A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 2095 Nat. Sci.

    Research is aimed at understanding how bacteria secrete and assemble disease-associated fibers called curli.734.764.7592 / chapmanm@umich.edu

  • faculty image: clarks

    Steven Clark

    Professor 4128 Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4122, 4129 Nat. Sci. 734.764.4153

    Studying the role of a receptor signaling system in regulating stem cell specification and organogenesis in Arabidopsis.734.647.4151 / clarks@umich.edu

  • faculty image: collinca

    Catherine Collins

    Assistant Professor 3101A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 3101 Nat. Sci. 734.647.8427

    Synaptic plasticity, Axonal transport, Axonal degeneration and regeneration734.764.4363 / collinca@umich.edu

  • faculty image: gyorgyi

    Gyorgyi Csankovszki

    Associate Professor 3028A Nat Sci
    Lab Address: 3013 Nat Sci
    Lab Phone: 734.763.3591

    Regulation of gene expression and mitotic and meiotic chromosome organization in C. elegans.734.764.3412 / gyorgyi@umich.edu

  • faculty image: rdenver

    Robert Denver

    Associate Chair
    Research & Facilities
    3065C Nat Sci.
    Lab Address: 3071, 3077 Nat. Sci. 734.647.2604

    Molecular mechanisms of hormone action in brain development, functional and structural evolution of neuropeptides, developmental plasticity and long term consequences of early life stress.734.936.6625 / rdenver@umich.edu

  • faculty image: cduan

    Cunming Duan

    Professor 3065B Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 3086 Nat. Sci. 734.763.7597

    Research is aimed at understanding how peptide growth factors and hormones act to control development, growth, and aging734.763.4710 / cduan@umich.edu

  • faculty image: rhume

    Richard Hume

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
    Director, Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience
    3095C Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 3095, 3099 Nat. Sci. 734.647.2965

    Research is focused on the mechanisms by which synapses work. We are particularly focused on understanding the function of neurotransmitter receptors in molecular detail.734.764.2071 / rhume@umich.edu

  • faculty image: ujakob

    Ursula Jakob

    Professor 4041B Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4041, 4039 Nat. Sci. 734.615.1957

    Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Microbiology.734.615.1286 / ujakob@umich.edu

  • faculty image: sjeyabal

    Santhadevi Jeyabalan

    Senior Lecturer 4138A USB

    734.764.6830 / sjeyabal@umich.edu

  • faculty image: klionsky

    Daniel Klionsky

    Professor 6036 LSI
    Lab Address: 6314 LSI, 734.615.6884

    Research is focused on autophagy, a mechanism for delivering cytoplasm to the lysosome or vacuole. Autophagy plays a role in normal cell physiology and is connected with a range of diseases including cancer, neurodegeneration and microbial infection.734.615.6556 / klionsky@umich.edu

  • faculty image: anujk

    Anuj Kumar

    Associate Professor
    Associate Chair
    Graduate Studies
    4071D Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4063 Nat. Sci. 734.647.6701

    Research applies methods in functional genomics and proteomics to understand eukaryotic cell biology.734.647.8060 / anujk@umich.edu

  • faculty image: kuwada

    John Kuwada

    Professor 3113A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 3113, 3119 Nat. Sci. 734.936.0495

    We are interested in identifying and understanding genes that regulate the formation and function of neural circuits in the vertebrate CNS.734.936.2842 / kuwada@umich.edu

  • faculty image: jian

    Jianming Li

    Professor 4071B Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4081, 4084, 4085 Nat. Sci. 734.615.0272

    My lab is using Arabidopsis as a genetic model organism to investigate the molecular mechanism of plant steroid signaling.734.763.4253 / jian@umich.edu

  • faculty image: maddock

    Janine Maddock

    Professor 4033C Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4033 Nat. Sci. 734.647.5677

    Research in the Maddock lab focuses on two key areas of microbiology: the spatial organization of proteins within the cell and the role of GTPases and other proteins assembly of the bacterial ribosome.734.936.8068 / maddock@umich.edu

  • faculty image: annln

    Ann Miller

    Assistant Professor 2117A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 2117 Nat. Sci. 734.764.8902

    We study the molecular mechanisms that regulate cytokinesis, the final step of cell division.734.764.9732 / annlm@umich.edu

  • Jayakrishna Nandakumar

    JK Nandakumar

    Assistant Professor 4140D Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4140 Nat. Sci.

    Telomerase structure and function; telomere structure and function; telomerase-based anti-cancer therapeutic strategies.jknanda@umich.edu

  • faculty image: nielsene

    Erik Nielsen

    Associate Professor 4103B Nat Sci
    Lab Address: 4089, 4095, 4090 Nat. Sci.

    Research is aimed at understanding the cellular machinery involved in proper deposition of plant cell wall components.734.764.1324 / nielsene@umich.edu

  • faculty image: ljo

    Laura Olsen

    Professor 4103C Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4119, 4125 Nat. Sci. 734.647.3970

    Research in the Olsen lab focuses on organelle biogenesis and degradation. More specifically, we study peroxisome assembly, peroxisome proteomics, and autophagy in plants.734.763.0976 / ljo@umich.edu

  • faculty image: spavgi

    Sushama Pavgi

    Lecturer IV

    734-936-1093 / spavgi@umich.edu

  • faculty image: lelx

    Eran Pichersky

    Professor 4103D Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4097, 4098, 4101 Nat. Sci. 734.763.3997

    Biochemistry and evolution of plant volatile metabolites.734.936.3522 / lelx@umich.edu

  • Pamela Raymond

    Pamela Raymond

    Chair, MCDB
    3003 Natural Science

    Retinal development and regeneration in zebrafish, with a special focus on mechanisms of cell fate specification and patterning, and the properties of retinal stem cells734.764.7427 / praymond@umich.edu

  • faculty image: schiefel

    John Schiefelbein

    Professor 4103A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4111, 4117 Nat. Sci. 734.764.3579

    Research is centered on understanding the molecular mechanisms that specify distinct cell types during the development of multicellular organisms.734.764.3580 / schiefel@umich.edu

  • faculty image: oshafer

    Orie Shafer

    Assistant Professor 3057B Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 3057 Nat. Sci. 734.615.5658

    The neurobiology of circadian and circa-annual timekeeping and the neurogenetic basis of animal behavior.734.615.0610 / oshafer@umich.edu

  • faculty image: lasimm

    Lyle Simmons

    Assistant Professor 4140A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4140 Nat. Sci. 734.647.2174

    DNA repair, mutagenesis, and cellular responses to DNA damage.lasimm@umich.edu

  • faculty image: dspill

    Diane Spillane

    Lecturer II 4138F USB

    734.647.2721 / dspill@umich.edu

  • faculty image: sgwalter

    Stefan Walter

    Assistant Professor 4104A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4140 Nat. Sci. 734.936.2973

    Dr. Walter's research involves the molecular chaperone Hsp104 from yeast, prion proteins in yeast, and the development of enzyme-based biosenors.734.764.1341 / sgwalter@umich.edu

  • faculty image: yzwang

    Yanzhuang Wang

    Associate Professor 2127A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 2127, 2122 Nat. Sci. 734.763.0403

    Golgi Biogenesis, Function, and Defects in Diseases734.936.2134 / yzwang@umich.edu

  • faculty image: wierzbic

    Andrzej Wierzbicki

    Assistant Professor 4075A Nat Sci
    Lab Adress: 4079, 4075 Nat Sci 734.647.0122

    Regulation of genome activity by non-coding RNA and chromatin structure.734.647.6841 / wierzbic@umich.edu

  • faculty image: wittkopp

    Patricia Wittkopp

    Associate Professor 1059 Nat Sci
    Lab: 1061 Nat Sci 734.647.5483

    We study the evolution of development, with a particular interest in gene regulation.734.763.1548 / wittkopp@umich.edu

  • faculty image: kwoon

    Kwoon Wong

    Assistant Professor 326 KEC
    Lab Address: 325 KEC 734.936.8548

    Retinal cells and circuits that regulate non-image-forming visual responses, such as the pupil reflex and the synchronization of the sleep-wake cycle with environmental light-dark cycles.734.936.5068 / kwoon@umich.edu

  • faculty image: haoxingx

    Haoxing Xu

    Associate Professor 3089A Nat. Sci.
    3083, 3088, 3090 Nat. Sci. 734.615.2589

    Ion flux and Ca2+ signaling mechanisms in the lysosome, and TRP channels in the skin734.615.2845 / haoxingx@umich.edu